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There are new rumors that Taylor is in talk to play a part in the epic story David and Goliath. The film will be directed by Scott Derrickson.

According Twitch Dwyane Johnson is in talks to play Goliath.
The film will also be produced by Twilight producer Wyck Godgrey and Marty Bowen.
So what do you think of Taylor’s new role?


Taylor Lautner recently did a interview for VAMAN magazine.

”… I hang out with my friends, family, and kind of just – I don’t even know. It’s like, when I am not filming, it seems like – I don’t even know what I do.” he said

When they asked him about walking out and about he said ”There are times when you really don’t care about anything anymore and you do it: you’ll walk around NYC. And it’s crazy, and then you come back and you are like, All right, that was fun. I’m going to take two weeks not doing that again.”

”I hadn’t explored much besides Michigan and California. When I am travelling the world promoting the films I say I am on vacation, but it’s not really true, I guess – because when I go to a beautiful city I spend the whole time in a hotel room and then I am back on a plane to the next place.

When asked about the cast he said ”It was really helpful that all of us were going through the same thing at the same time. I think if we didn’t have that sort of relationship it would have been tough. It would have felt pretty lonely. Because when you are filming for these Breaking Dawn movies, we were filming for seven months – and if you’re there alone the whole time even with the cast members, like on a day off, or on weekends, you’d go nuts.”

when they talked to him about fans he answered Its definitely these characters we are playing. They are in love with Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black. I mean, they feel like they know them. We are just lucky enough to be playing them. But I definitely think its the characters.”

He also talked about Pre- Twilight

Ashley Greene’s movie Skateland is now officially on DVD. So have you gotten your copy yet ?


Ashley Greene’s personal stylist Christina Ehrlich spills all about Miss Ashley’s wonderful wardrobe.

“Somebody like Ashley doesn’t need a lot,” she explained to Hollywood Life ”I’m very grateful that with her, we can put her in silhouettes that are very simple and she’s smart enough to know that they’re not boring — they’re simple and chic. You see a lot of young girls on the red carpet taking these big risks with colors and frills or cutouts and beading and I think they dress that way because they think more is more. I’m really flattered when the girls can trust that at the end of the day less is more. You don’t need to overdo it with the jewelry and makeup, you don’t want the dress to overtake the girl, especially someone as beautiful as Ashley. You should be able to see the beauty of Ashley and the dress is an accent.”
“Girls like Ashley are veterans of the red carpet, with all of the events and premieres they go to she’s growing up quick. I like when she feels excited about what she’s wearing, even if she’s trying something that may be new, it’s a win-win. It has been really fun with her because in the time I’ve been working for her I’ve introduced her to new designers and she trusts me, and at the same time I hear what shes feeling”

“Ashley’s a really young girl with a beautiful body and she’s got a great sense of style. I’m trying to find her silhouettes that stay, very classic, very feminine, and very fashion forward that are also very timeless. When talking about Ashley I could use Anne Hathaway as an example — she’s young, always looks beautiful, and knows how to take risks wearing different things and trying different designers but at the same time there’s something fluid about her looks.”

Via Hollywoodlife


Taylor Lautner recently did an interview with US Weekly. When asked about who would be better at playing snow white. Taylor replied ”It’s tough,”

”I mean, my excuse is they’re so different. I can root for them both.”

”Kristen’s going to be cool and edgy and dark. It’s gonna be something new for her, and I think that’s really exciting.”

”Lily’s gonna be great too,And a completely different feel.”

Via USWeekly

Water For Elephant’s will be released on DVD November 1st.
The DVD will include
– A Robert Pattinson spotlight
-A Reese Witherspoon featurette
-A visual effects special feature
-Inside looks at script development and set design
-Historical circus trivia
-And, of course, an audio commentary from the film’s director and script-writer
In a recent interview famous actress Christina Ricci liked Rob.
“He’s great; he’s really an awesome guy. I had a lot of fun working with him.”
“He’s so professional,” she explains. “He comes to set with no expectations or attitude. None of those things you worry someone of his level of fame is going to have.” She adds of RPatz
When MTV interviewed another one of Rob’s costars Uma Thurman she said of Rob “He’s incredibly concrete in his presence on the set and obviously very handsome. He’s a very nice person and he’s sensitive,” she added. “He’s present. He’s a really good actor.”
It’s nice to see that no matter how much fame Rob gets it seems he will always be a normal down to earth guy.
Kristen and Rob were seen in LA at Soho.
A source said ”Rob came in with friends and there were no girls with them. He was in his own area with his buddies and they didn’t really talk to anyone else the whole time. They had beers, some food and ice cream. Rob was dressed very low key and had a hat on.”
Another source said ”I don’t think they (Pattinson’s friends) were famous — and if they were, they weren’t recognizable. They all seemed to be in a really good mood.”

The film opened with a group of seamlessly normal teenagers. But what seems like a normal day is suddenly turned when out of nowhere a chain letter is received.

Let’s be honest we have all gotten them. They are the most annoying things out there. When you open them your instinct is to delete them.
The scene opens and a student playing world of warcraft. A new game that is currently popular with teenagers. He soon deletes the letter and it is followed by a open msg from the sender. A warning that if he deletes it he will die.
What begins as a thoughtlesss act begins a string of sad events. As the teenagers try to avoid the killer and save eachother.
The film is filled with gory moments and sad scenes. The performances given by the actors are really good. The performance given by the actor playing the killer was incredible. Nikki Reed’s performance in this movie was both chilling and amazing.
Overall a gore fest. If you love gory movies this is certainly for you. Filled with blood, gore and amazing performance this is a good movie that will give you nightmares for days to come.

It’s finally happened Ashley and Demi have made peace. Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato are friends again.

So teenage girls put down your pitchforks. You can finally put to rest the Ashley fans and Demi war of the words. Fans can now offically calm it down. Now that Ashley and Demi have made peace maybe its about time that we did too.
Ashley recently tweeted Demi Lovato ” girl… your [sic] beautiful @ddlovato”
Demi quickly replied to Ashley “@AshleyMGreene this is why you’re my friend.. Thank you girl.”
It’s nice to see that they are still friends.