With rumours swirling around that he will be the next Matt Damon of action flicks or the next Brad Pitt of heartthrobs Taylor Lautner defiantly proves himself in his newest movie Abduction. With a lot of fighting and lots of action this movie proves that Taylor can defiantly take it.

A high school student Nathan lived a pretty normal life. He had two parents who love him, was on the wrestling team and had a crush on one of the prettiest girls in his class who was of course the high school cheerleader. Nathan’s class gets an assignment for his sociology class. Nathan has to do a assignment on missing persons. While searching a site for missing people reports, Nathan sees the picture of a little more who resembles him.

The movie is packed with loads of great action scenes which unfortunately don’t make up for the cheesy scenes that fail. Some of the romantic scenes like the scene in particular in the train where there making out. Taylor hitches Lily leg up to his thigh. He lifts her up and kisses her for a moment and they break and she says “we should eat.” The scene wasn’t well played although I commend both actors for some of the little scenes that were good. This scene seemed to fail me. I didn’t expect anything epic out of it but I was saddened by the slight bit of awkwardness felt between both actors which held me squirming in my seat.

The action scenes held true to their word and were pretty good and had me at the edge of my seat till the end. The scene that impressed me the most by far however was the train fight where Lautner took on a 200 pound Russian man. At first Taylor gets beaten around and then comes back fighting as he punches, kicks and throws down the 200 pound man.

So what are my feelings on the movie? Well I guess they are mixed while some parts lacked in interesting dialogue others gained in edge of your seat action. I guess I would personally give these movie 3/5 stars.

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