Tonight I watched Camelot on CBC. This is a new television series Jamie Campbell Bower has taken on in the wake of his Twilight career making a great comeback.

What readers have to realize is that I am a English History major. I havent studied it in school. I had to learn Canadian History but I take quite a interest in English History. So stories of Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth II, and King Arthur as so familar to me. I grew up with these stories told to me like fairy tale.

The series is based on the story of Arthur who pulled the sword out of the stone and became king of Camelot.

I will admit. Sadly before Twilight I hadn’t seen any of the actors other works. The only works by Jamie I had seen were films in which he had small roles like in Harry Potter and Sweeney Todd and of course he played Caius is Twilight.

I admit Jamie Campbell Bower was very good his attention to details in his performance and the amount of pure emotion put into each look is poignant and beautiful. I tip my hat to him.

Playing a iconic and legendary role in English history like this is a difficult task. Jamie Campbell seems to take it well. I was impressed by his flawless performance and backed up by a group of very talented ensemble actors this show is impressive.

If you are a history buff like me then I agree this is a must see show.