Anna Kendrick recently did a interview with Showbiz recently.

“They just talk about Rob,”

“They always come up to me and go in talking about the movies but then they always dispense with that and go for the Rob question and what he’s really like. I’m like, ‘Dude, I don’t want to talk about that.’”

“I’m actually glad to have got through shooting,”

“It’s a relief that I didn’t lose any fingers or toes to frostbite! Or any hair to screaming fans! It feels like an accomplishment because those movies are so crazy. I do my tiny, tiny part on it and I walk away unscathed I don’t know how the other do those hours in that weather for like nine months or something with the two movies shooting at the same time. I was there for like two weeks.”

Showbiz wrote that Anna was fed up of Rob. Although she did mention Rob she was misquoted. Anna simply meant that she was tired of fans asking her about Rob.

She is not fed up with Rob. She simply meant that she was tired of fans asking her about Rob. This in understandable.

After reading some of the comments underneath the article I found that most fans were insulted. Don’t take this seriously. I have a feeling there was some serious misquoting and bad communication with Showbiz.