I just got back from another movie night and believe me after a long stressful week i needed a night out. There wasn’t much playing at the theatres this weekend. Or at least anything either of us actually wanted to see. So we saw 50 50. I’ll admit that when he said he wanted to see this movie I got excited. I didn’t scream or anything, I am not a screamer believe me but I was super excited to see it. Since I am apart of a blog so I had seen every clip, trailer and TV. spot out there for this movie.

We were a little late after some much anticipated drama and we quietly slipped in just as the Breaking Dawn trailer started playing and came over the loud speaker. I won’t lie totally fangirled, I didn’t start screaming, instead I tried to be more discreet and I excitedly start whispering and poking him. I kept saying we have to see this, we HAVE to see this.
After several other boring commercials including ones for movies and condiments the movie started.
The first scene started with a guy (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt), it showed him and his best friend (played by Seth Rogan) in their normal life. He had a beautiful girlfriend who didn’t live with him, when you first meet him and his girlfriend she barely lives there. He gives her a drawer in her apartment, which tells the audience that their relationship is really slow. The girlfriend is played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

After you see him in his normal surroundings, you see him with his friends, girlfriend, and co-workers. All the normal things we all do in a day.

Then he starts complaining of back pain. For quite a while he thinks nothing of it. Then he finds out he has cancer. He has a kind of spinal cancer. The next few scenes are sequences of him dealing with it, trying to deal with the fact that he has cancer. Without any words or lines the scenes were perfect and were well played by Joseph Levitt.

You see him telling his girlfriend about his cancer. The scene is well played by both actors in this scene. When Joseph’s character tells Bryce’s character that he has cancer by the look on her face you can see that she’s conflicted. You can see that she wants to run but at the same time as much as she wants to leave him she can’t because he has cancer so she kind of feels like she’s obligated to stay and that she can’t leave him. This makes you kind of feel bad for her but later scenes in the movie in which she cheats on him and blames it on the fact it’s hard on her, makes you want to slap her in her pretty little face.

The scenes of him telling his over bearing mother played by Anjelica Houston are funny and the scene of him telling his best friend was particularly hilarious.

After he starts chemo he starts seeing a therapist played by Anna Kendrick. This therapist is by far the worst therapist I have ever seen. Anna Kendrick masters this character with whit, charm and humor.

The rest of the films follow him as he deals with his disease.

The film is laced with good humor, whit and full of great moments you will want to keep watching over and over. Joseph Gordon Levitt is incredible as the man who fights for his life. Seth Rogan kills as the best friend, trying to be supportive. Bryce Dallas Howard is flawless as the awful girlfriend and Anna Kendrick is hilarious as the worst therapist. This film will make you laugh and cry.

With a mixture of an incredible talent and amazing performances and a great, funny script this is a film you will want to see over and over again.