I am generally really nice about films. I try to see the good in them and try not to focus on the negative. Last night I saw Xmen First Class which features Twilight Alumni Edi Gathegi. This movie was horrible.

I am a bit of a sci fiction fan obviously I’m here writing for a Twilight blog. I love the Xmen series. I have grown up on these series since I was a kid. I enjoyed the other films this movie however was bad really bad. It was boring, tacky and lame.
The acting was good; the effects were okay although I have seen well. The storyline was useless. The only part I really want to complain about is the fact that some of the story was in a different language and lacked titles. So I did not understand what was going on or what was happening. It could have just been the dvd though.
Nothing beats the first movie that came out. But that is just one person’s opinion. Like I always say have your own opinion about it and don’t let others dictate how you see things. See the movie for yourself and let me know what you think!