Dear Ted:
What a great day! ”My boyfriend is English.” Do you think Kristen Stewart said it on purpose? Or she just blurted it out without thinking because it’s so natural for her? Anyway, now there’s no way they can deny their relationship. But I’m sure the haters will all say she was referring to someone else. Maybe Tom Sturridge. LOL.

Dear Captain Obvious:
Please, I give K.Stew way too much credit for this to just be a plain dumb slip. She’s a crafty chick who knows exactly what she’s doing—and it worked. Look at all of us getting in a tizzy over her dropping the B-word! That will surely shut up the breakup rumor mongers, no

Dear Ted:
There are two H’wood young guns that I don’t get at all: Kellan Lutz and Channing Tatum. I am missing the appeal completely! They’re practically the same person! Bod, yes. Face, eh. Acting, non-existent. So do tell, do either have BV monikers? I am baffled as to their continued employment. I say both are timing out at 13 minutes of their 15 minutes of fame. Am I right?
—Tatum Lutz Stunned.