I sat down to watch Kellans new movie Arena this weekend. I have to admit that when I read the summary for this movie. I did not appeal to me at all. I thought it was going to be like remember the Spartans of something like that.

I guess I was wrong. My favourite part of the movie is the beginning of the movie. When you first see Kellan you see him as a married with a beautiful wife played by Nina Dobrev who is expecting their first child. The beginning was so cute and adorable.

The next bit of the movie is sad. A car accident kills his wife and unborn child. This was the part of the movie were I literally wanted to leave. Most movies have a storyline in which someone dies.

After this his life starts to spiral down. In a very typical storyline he goes out and gets drunk. After he gets drunk in a bar he leaves and gets stopped outside the bar by a pretty woman. He is then tricked into playing a game. In this game you must kill the other person inorder to win.

The most emotional scene is the scene where Kellan is in jail and the women who tricked him throws a picture of his wife into him through the bars of the jail. Kellan picks it up and looks at it and breaks into tears.

This scene was one of two of the saddest scenes in this movie. I had tears in my eyes. Kellans heartbreaking performance in those scenes made the movie worth watching. I mean don’t get me wrong the entire movie is good, filled with gory goodness and people getting their heads chopped off. But if you read my Chain Letter review I wrote. I am not one for gory movies. Though I admit i was on the edge of my seat through the entire movie.

Although the movie is gory and bloody and gross and is certainly not my cup of tea. The little non gory moments, like the scene in the beginning or the scene in the jail worth watching. Kellans performance in this movie was outstanding. The parts where he cried totally left me emotional. The goriness of certain scenes made my stomach turn.

Kellan did an amazing job and gave a great performance. This movie is not for someone who is easily sickened by a little blood, or by a lot of blood.

Rating 3/5