Born Bad Review

Michael Welch is known for his role as the sweet, caring Michael. But in this movie he plays a completely different character. As the movie opens and the titles begin to show on screen. Michael’s character is introduced as the killer rapist.

As the movie continues we meet Brooke a normal teen whose stepmother is trying to bond with her. Brooke resistant to the new change goes out with an old friend out to a bar. That is where they meet Michael’s character for the first time.

At first he seems charming and sweet. He seems to care about Brooke but it is all a hoax. After he becomes close to Brooke and her family, he starts to show his true colours.

Michael’s portrayal of a killer was chilling. He was really good as the rapist killer. This was a far cry from the sweet, kind character he played in Twilight.

This movie a thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Michaels performance impresses me. With his very in-depth portrayal of the cold killer.