Midnight In Paris

I watched Michael Sheen’s new movie Midnight in Paris.

The film circles around a couple who are newly engaged who go to Paris. Who are forced to confront the idea that maybe a different life may be better for them.

This is a interesting little movie, filled with cute little moments and great performances. Although the movie calls itself a comedy I laughed very little. It made up for its lack of hilarity in cute little quips and moments throughout the movie.

Rachel McAdams is quite good as the blasé, mean girl and Marion Cotillard is amazing as the twenties girl who is Picassos mistress. The only time I ever laughed were at Rachels snarky comments.

Owen Wilson is perfect as the man stuck in two worlds. The old twenties and in the Paris with his girlfriend.

The movie will make you think for sure. If you like those types then you might like this. I didn’t find this movie funny very often but as a romance alone I quite liked it and thought it was cute.

My Rating -8/10