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The childbirth scene in the Twilight saga Breaking Dawn part one has been described as a very visceral experience by director bill condon. the saga has so far been rated certificate 12, but actress kristen stewart, who plays the pregnant Bella, says the filmmakers tried to go as hardcore as possible for the next instalment. “It’s definitely not your typical birthing scene”, she says. “It took two days to shoot, and a two day labour is really hard; in the book there’s this part where she is literally choking on the blood she hs been drinking, she is out of her mind, but it was always in my head,that she was able to fight harder than any human really would be able to, because there is a little bit of Edward in her”. This passage in the fourth and final book has vampire Edward Cullen delivering his baby using just his fangs, and understandably, it
struck a chord with actor Robert Pattinson. “I think the birth scene was different to anything we’ve done”, he says.
I never get to play Edward like this, where he is literally so aware of his own helplessness and is very frail and human in this situation. Normally he’s in control of himself, or pretends he is, but there’s no one else around it’s just them, he’s trying to help Bella, and he has no idea what he is doing. There’s nothing he can do, and he is just disperate”.
Despite the plot being so fantastical, a human girl weds a century old veggie vamp and conceives a rapidly growing child on their first night together, Stewart claims she can identify with this part of the plot. “This feels the most real just in terms of what could happen to you in life, at 18 and pregnant, it’s so very, very possibole, so I felt so stringly connected to that aspect of this, she says. I thought that was the main thing, that she is like this cat in the corner who will literally kill people and scratch their eyes out to defend what’s going on inside her, and nobody else understands”. Stewart confirms
that Bella and Edward will be at odds in this film, true to the novel, as her character remains adamant the she wants to keep the baby despite the unknown entity she’s spawning reprefenting a threat to her, the Volturi, and the local werewolf pack. “When you see her fighting, she will die, she has said the whole series she is willing to die for what she is fighting for, but now you can see she is literally absolutely willing to, and pretty much does”, Stewart says. “It’s what the whole story has been built to, not to focus too much on that scene, but it all makes sense”.
This sequence has almost overshadowed the Big Day, and a dress that even the press hasn’t been able to glimpse. “I got locked away in a room for the rest of the day at that point, Stewart says. There was Secret Service style crazy security. So once I was locked into the dress. I was in wedding mode”.