The Caller Review
This weekend I watched The Caller. The Caller stars former Twilight actor Rachelle Lefevre. In this movie Rachelle plays a young woman who moves into a small apartment after divorcing her unfaithful husband.
After Rachelle moves into the house she starts getting strange phone calls from old women. The old women claims to be looking for a man named Jack. As events unfold the old women is revealed as a killer.
After talking over the phone the old women starts to play series of mental physiological games with Mary ( Lefevre), including threatening her and the life of her love interest in the film played by Stephen Moyer.
Although certain parts of the movie left me on the edge of my seat other parts were stereotypical thriller scenes. The one scene that threw me was when she knocked down the wall in her cupboard to find several dead bodies including that of her gardeners. What did however shock me was the ending in which she seeks revenge on her ex-husband.
This film wasn’t scary and barely had me at the edge of my seat.
Rating 4/10