Gil Birmingham chatted with Twilightish about Papa Black, Werewolves, Vampire Weddings and what’s next for him!
Twilightish: How does it feel to see the end of the Twilight Saga? Are you happy to move on? Or do you wish for more movies?
: The ending is bittersweet. It’s been a long, wild journey that consumed our lives for several years. Like many of the cast, I’m ready to move on to something new. But it’s sad at the same time. It’s like leaving your family and a part of your life behind.

Twilightish: As Papa Black, what will you miss the most about your wolf family?
Gil: The laughs and the friendships. When we got onto the set, there was an instant bonding with the wolves that lasted through all the films.

Twilightish: How important do you think it was to showcase Native American culture in such a rich and positive way?
Gil: Twilight helped bring contemporary Native American culture into the mainstream, which is so important. Movies often only feature Natives in historical context, people still think we wear leather and feathers in our daily lives. It was great to be a part of a film that portrayed Native Americans as we really are. Okay, so we don’t all turn into werewolves. Maybe that’s a stretch.

Twilightish: How much of yourself did you put into the character of Billy Black?
Gil: Every actor brings a piece of himself into each character he plays. Billy Black has parts of me, but I’m not Billy Black.

Twilightish: And likewise, have any of Billy’s attributes crept into your real life?
Gil: I don’t know that the character Billy has invaded my real life, although I am noticing that I now get very hairy around a full moon….

Twilightish: Of all the character’s you’ve played, where does Billy rank?
Gil: Billy is up there in terms of great characters, along with Dog Star in Into the West.

Twilightish: Do you think you’ll miss joking around the set with Billy burke? You two seem to have real on screen comedic chemistry!
Gil: I love and respect Billy as an actor. We did have a chemistry that translated into improvisation that ended up in the films.

Twilightish: How do you look back Twilight? If you had to do it all over again, would you do it or pass?
Gil: Absolutely!

Twilightish: What will you miss the most (or the least) about the Saga?
Gil: I won’t miss the all-night shoots, the pouring rain, the freezing cold temps on the set. I will miss the cast, There’s a bond that’s created over the years and the five films that is hard to explain. I will miss all the cast members.

Twilightish: Do you have a favorite moment from any of the 5 films? Either on camera or off camera?
Gil: There are so many moments, it’s hard to single out just one. Probably the fireside scene when I tell the legends.

Twilightish: What was your favorite scene to film in Breaking Dawn?
Gil: The wedding is a beautifully crafted scene. The set, the wardrobe, and the cinematography were beautiful. Fans will love it.
Twilightish: Now that the Saga is almost over, are you really Team Jacob? Or do you harbor Team Edward tendencies?
Gil: What????? Are you suggesting I have a secret love for the cold ones? Seriously though, I loved everyone in the cast, even those pesky vampires. I have much respect for them as actors and as people.

Twilightish: If you could or did take one prop or costume piece of Billy’s, what would it (or was it) and why?
Gil: I already have it. The fleece jacket. It was actually mine, and Catherine Hardwick asked me to wear it in the first movie.

Twilightish: Do you have other projects on the horizon?
: Rango and Love Ranch came out earlier this year. Shouting Secrets with Chaske Spencer was filmed a while back and is due out soon. I just finished shooting Crooked Arrows with Brandon Routh, which will be released next year.

Twilightish: Is there something, either a movie or perhaps live theater that you are dying to do?
Gil: I’m really a rock star inside an actor’s body. I love playing the guitar and hope to finish a CD someday.

Twilightish: Is there anyone you are really hoping to work with?
Gil: I was offered the opportunity to do a role with Dustin Hoffman, but had it turn it down because Breaking Dawn was filming at the same time. Would love to work with him. DeNiro and others are on that list too.

*~*We’d like to thank Gil Birmingham for taking the time to talk with us!*~*