Yesterday we brought you part 1 of our hour long interview with Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon. Now we have the second part up. If you missed part one yesterday, you can check it out here.

Q: How was it filming both movies at the same time, ‘cause it’s your first time doing this? How was that?
BC: Yeah. Better than if we’d done it in 3D, the way we were thinking.
Yeah that was my question! Was: are you really doing it in 3D? ‘Cause that rumor’s been out there for so long.
BC: No, no.
Oh thank you.
BC: We were gonna do the second movie in 3D. There was a good idea behind that, which was: okay she wakes up as a vampire, now let’s see the world differently.
It’s a new dimension for her.
BC: But that wouldn’t have been—it wouldn’t have been just cheesy, but we would have gone crazy.
BC: I think we’re all grateful now. Yeah.
I can never see 3D movies. They just give me a headache so thank you. Thank you so much!
BC: I know. Yeah, no me too. I get a headache just from the tutorial.
BC: But yeah—so it was—I found it was not hard—it was harder on Kristen, I think, more than anybody but she stepped up. But not only to have to go from “oh my God, I’m high school graduate Bella” [to] “oh now I’m kind of intense momma vampire” in the same day! Not only that was a psychological challenge but also physically. I mean she had to—the vampire makeup was two hours. God help her, the pregnant, late term Bella was three hours prosthetics, and sometimes she’d be jumping back and forth between those things. So she was a real trooper, you know. I think it fell on her shoulders more than anybody else’s.

Q: Well, and we’re talking a lot about the serious stuff, and in the clip we saw we got to see some comedic relief from some of the Cullens. (in a pre-wedding scene Alice is barking orders at the family who are moving around large trees)I, and I think a lot fans, are really wanting to know is there going to be some comedic relief with the whole Rosalie/Jacob thing while Bella’s pregnant? Is it—even the trailer’s really serious, which I love—
BC: Yeah, yeah.
—but in the book there’s a lot of comedic relief that I think fans love, and is that going to be in the movie?
BC: Yeah. Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of comedy in the movie.
Q: I have a question. Melissa Rosenberg, when she was talking about the birth scene, she always kind of said something to the effect of “Well, I wrote it and now it’s up to Bill how he wants to do it”. And I was kind of wondering, what do you have to add to that?
BC: In terms of the birth?
Yeah. What did you see? Like how did you see doing it?
BC: Again, the basic idea there was—went back to the approach of the novel which is let’s have her give birth and only see what she can see. So it’s all from her point of view, right? And for me, that allows us to do things like oh my God, he’s coming back into frame and he’s got blood on his teeth! He just bit through something. And if you know what he bit through then you know, but if you don’t, you don’t, you know? So it’s like—it gives—I think for people who know it intimately it gives us that moment: “oh my God, the baby’s just bitten her”. But we don’t see it, you know. It’s only what she can see. So that was the approach there.
Q: I have a question about the leaked photos that came out.
BC: Yeah.
Did you have to change anything because of the leak?
BC: No, we’ve kind of just ignored it.
You ignored it?
BC: Yeah.
Q: So building a relationship with your cast members, and obviously, your crew and all that, what was your favorite aspect of building with the team?
BC: You know what? I think it was with the actors, being able to really spend weeks and weeks before we started talking through the scripts over, and over, and over again, you know. Um, and especially Kristen who knows it so well and she feels such a strong like burden of responsibility to live up to what the fan—she’s a fan, you know. She [said] “I cried when I read this [the] first time. I wanna make sure that people [cry]”, you know. So that when she’s walking down the aisle at the wedding, you can’t believe what she puts herself through to make sure she gets into the state that’s gonna make—like open her up to all of the feelings that Bella’s feeling at that moment. It’s really amazing to watch. So that, I think, more than anything, you know. And I always think with Kristen too—sometimes she gets a bad rap for—like she seems like she’s a little, you know, unfriendly and things like that. I think that it’s all just—it’s her—she’s so tough on herself and that’s all it is.
She’s so great one-on-one.
BC: Yeah, yeah.
Q: Any favorite moment on set? Like a favorite moment on there?
BC: Oh gosh.
Q: Tell us about the dance off, what happened? ( the actors on Twitter kept referring to the Breaking Dawn Dance Battle)
BC: Oh yeah, that thing. You heard about that, right? That was amazing. God, I’ve never been surprised on a set like that ever.
Q: Is that gonna make the DVD?
BC: I would think so, yeah. I would think so.
Summit: Last question.
Have a good one!
Pressure’s on you!
Q: Speaking of like anticipation, is there something in particular that you’re really excited to see the fan’s reaction to and something that maybe you’re like more nervous [about] ‘cause it’s such a highly anticipated thing?
BC: That’s a good question. Um…
Thank you!
And it’s two-in-one!
BC: You know, I think…She gets married; she has sex; she gives birth; and she dies and she becomes a vampire. Five huge things happen in this movie—I’m sorry, Jacob imprints.
BC: Six! Six huge things that happen and that was—I had on my board just like cards with these things: how do we figure [these out]?—you know, the second movie, obviously it’s got the shield and all that stuff. So I feel like that is my biggest excitement about people seeing how we did those six things, and also fear that it will because I think those are so…such huge events for everybody. It’s what everything’s been leading up to that I think everyone’s got ideas; clearly, they’ve visualized what that might be. So you hope you get to the essence of what it is and that none of them is a disappointment, you know?
Summit: Thank you, Bill.
BC: Okay, thank you. It’s so nice to meet you!

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