Tonight I watched Billy Burkes movie Drive Angry 3D for the first time. I was not too impressed by it. Out of all of Billy Burke’s film this one was certainly a swing and miss. Like Red Riding Hood this film failed to impress me or keep my attention at several times during the movie I felt the urge to leave.

The film was graphic and gory. I wasn’t the graphic parts of the movie that got to me it was certain parts where it seemed to get graphic at certain parts for no reason.

The movie’s graphics were even less impressive the action seemed were unrealistic and stupid. The effects were just bad.

In the beginning sequence we see Nicholas Cage driving after too crooks. The crooks car hits the front of car and flips and as it hit his it seems to barely show any damage on Nicholas Cage part. This makes it completely unrealistic.

With semi bad acting and bad effects. I would rate this film 1 out of 5.