Holy Edward Cullen! The Breaking Dawn premiere is one week away, Twi-hards. Time flies when you’re lusting over an impending honeymoon scene, right?!
Which, we know, is the real reason you’re all anxiously awaiting the flick. If you’ve seen the movie’s trailer, then you know that the sexiest Twilight stuff is yet to come (more than just dawn is breaking in this installment—Robert Pattinson is busting headboards, too!).
But while the world waits to see Edward and his human honey, Kristen Stewart, get down and dirt, we’re getting a little bit nostalgic and counting down the five steamiest Twilight scenes to date:
1. Meadow Makeouts! Forget the pretty flowers and whatnot in the original Twilight, all we could focus on was that passionate kiss between Rob and Kristen Stewart‘s onscreen counter parts: Bella and Edward (duh). As all the fans will tell you, this is a pretty crucial part of the Twi novels, and its onscreen counterpart did not disappoint.
2. If the Tent Is a Rockin’… It just wouldn’t be fair if Edward got all the action, would it? Well, in Eclipse, Taylor Lautner‘s Jacob gets some much needed lovin’! A freezing cold Bella gets warmed up by the hunky werewolf since Edward’s icy vamp self cannot help. And let’s not forget about Lautner’s line in the scene, ”Let’s face it, I am hotter than you” (OK, some of the Twilight flicks do have good lines).
3. Sweet, Sweet Prom Night Kisses: While we usually wouldn’t celebrate a way innocent prom night (in the first Twi film), we swooned when Edward kissed Bella’s neck while the two got their slow dance on! Sure, it wasn’t bedroom biz like their first kiss, but we’re pretty sure Twi-hards will agree that they nearly died during their sexy gazebo smooch.
4. Six-Pack Attack! You know what we’re talking about. You also know that you shared a collective gasp of excitement with all other New Moon moviegoers when Taylor first took off that T-shirt to reveal his buffed-up werewolf abs. Seriously, you don’t have to be Team Jacob to appreciate Tay’s bangin’ body. And it was the only good part of that movie, let’s be honest, shall we?
5. Save the Best for First: But the winner is…Bella and Edward’s super-hot first kiss in Twilight! Come on, you knew that one was coming. A late-night surprise visit that’s sealed with a tender, unbearably drawn-out smooch? And K.Stew isn’t wearing pants at the time? Heck, yes! It did win an MTV Movie Award for best kiss after all…