I sat down tonight during the little bit of time i had left in my day and watched Booboo Stewarts movie Logan. The movie and poster automatically think of a disney movie that they show on the kids network on t.v.

The summary for Logan is that its about 2 brothers. After seeing a movie the younger brother decides to try to make this own version of that movie.

The beginning was slow and dragged out. The entire time i sat waiting for something to happen. The story line was pretty good except for the part involving child suicide. In a brief scene we see Booboo oiling a bike. Making me jump to conclusions and assume he would die. Thankfully I was completely wrong.

The film although sweet and heartfelt is darkened by the scene of child suicide. The younger brother Logan commits suicide and hangs himself from a tree. His brother finds his body and is traumatized.

The next scene Booboo and the actor who plays the older brother are sitting in a chair both in tears.

The film is heartfelt and sad and deeply moving. I don’t think i would classify it as a kid channel type film. But the film is also filled with great performances , event Booboo impressed me.

Rating – 6/10