Ashley Greene stopped in San Francisco for the Breaking Dawn Cast and Concert Tour Thursday night where she told us about the ”girly” fun she had with Kristen on set now that Kristen’s character finally marries into the Cullen family in Breaking Dawn.
”That’s what Alice has wanted to do since basically the day she met her. She sees the future and she kind of knew all along and saw what Bella did for her brother, and what he did for her and I feel like she always saw her as a sister so to finally have it documented or put in stone was a really fun thing.”
And speaking of nuptials, newylwed Nikki Reed dished on her post-wedding promotional whirlwind with husband Paul McDonald.
Compared to the last three Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn has noticeably ramped up the romance, though Jackson Rathbone believes fans will be able to handle what happens during the honeymoon.
On the subject of songs, Jackson said he’s had jam sessions with fellow music-lover Robert Pattinson
”We all play music and we’re all music lovers and I think you find with most artists that people love not one form of the arts but many.”
But it’s those famous cast dinners and poker nights that Charlie Bewley will remember most.
”Oh yeah we’ve had our fair share.”
”Next they’ll head to Utah for another fan event and then it’s on to LA for Monday’s big BD part 1 premiere.”

So what can we expect from the film? We asked the cast to sum up the saga’s latest chapter in one word.
”I would say it’s mature.”