LOS ANGELES — ”She’s so small, I almost ran her over,” Michael Welch said of his newest—and tiniest—co-star, Mackenzie Foy. Small but mighty, Foy, who plays Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) daughter Renesmee in ”Breaking Dawn,” handled her first red (or in this case, black) carpet experience like a seasoned pro.
”It is just really cool,” the 10-year-old actress said, later admitting, ”I was a little nervous.”
If she had the jitters, it didn’t show. Decked out in a blue velvet dress, Foy detailed her ”Twilight” experience for Yahoo! Movies with a cool confidence befitting her half-vampire character. ”I saw the first and second one,” she said, referring to the ”Twilight” and ”New Moon” films. ”But I don’t want to read the books until I’m older.”