Sadly Tonight marks the end of the first season of Camelot. The series has been great so far with the romance between Arthur and Guinevere stirring. While Arthur’s sister Morgan plots.

In this episode Arthur is forced to fend for his life. Ive been watching the series since the beginning. I’ve seen most episodes ( I admit I missed a few episodes). Ive watched the characters develop and I have watched Jamie develop into this character.

This episode was the most intense episode yet. Arthur is forced to flee from the castle and fend for his life. After Morgan sends a group of men to kill her brother Covered in blood and cuts, tired and worn down. Arthur and his few friends he has left manage to find the courage to fight. What they don’t see is the one archer they missed. The archer quickly turns around and shoots Leontes. Leontes one of Arthur’s close friend ans mate doesn’t live. Meanwhile back at the castle word of Arthur’s supposed death reaches Morgan. Morgan in her own selfishness plots to take over the crown.

Morgan stabs Igraine ( Arthur’s mother) so she can take the crown as her own. Shortly after defeating the men Arthur returns Leontes body to Guinevere and returns home to find that not long after Arthur’s rumored death Morgan took the crown. Arthur confronts Morgan and she strongly denies it . Morgans friend takes the blame sentencing herself to death.

Merlin finds Queen Igraine bleeding and close to death.

This series constantly surprises me. With its twists and turns and plots. Ive seen all of Jamie’s movie and this performance impressed me the most and when he cried after Leontes died i almost cried. This series is so good. Now that Leontes is dead will Guinevere and Arthur be together ? Will Queen Igraine survive? Can Arthur Keep the crown or will Morgan reign?

I really hope there is a season 2 in the works. IF there is information will be posted.