Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart used to keep their affection for each other under wraps on the red carpet, but not anymore it seems!The Twilight lovebirds posed together on the red carpet during the Los Angeles premiere of Breaking Dawn, and the two kept it up when they flew off to London for the next big premiere.So what did the couple talk about on the red carpet? The Breaking Dawn sex scene, of course! “It’s kind of expected as it’s one of the most important scenes in the movie especially considering it’s not even in the book – it happened between chapters it’s something you imagine and so usually we have the bible (Stephenie Meyer’s novel) to refer to,” KStew told MTV UK. “If you have a question, you would just go to the book and figure it out but in this case, it was like ‘come up with the sexiest thing anyone could possibly imagine’ and it was a little bit daunting but at the same time, I had to forget about it.”
Pattinson joked that he felt nervous about getting hot and heavy onscreen with Kristen. “It was kinda weird – you’ve got to kind of blank out the fact that everyone’s thinking about it otherwise it’s too much pressure to perform. It wasn’t too bad, it was kind of easy. It’s a really sweet nice scene so I hope everyone likes it.” Breaking Dawn hits theaters this Friday, November 18.