Normally I have to see a movie twice before I right a review but I found this movie so moving that only seeing it once causes me to tear up. The film is a beautiful menagerie of captivating love stories.

Kristen plays young Martine who goes on a road trip with Gordy a aquward guy in love with Martine. Afraid to go on the road trip alone with Gordy they pick up another passenger, a older man driving through town.
First thing I thought was why would you pick up a strange man and let him drive to New Orleans with you. what if hes a stalker or a mass murder.

On the road trip they Martine and Brett( the older man) bond. He tells her stories of a women he was in love with( played by Maria Bello).

During a evening at a local hotel things go sour when Gordy tries to take advantage of Martine. Brett hearing the screams comes to her rescue and separates the pair, giving up his hotel bed so she can sleep safe and sound. At this point in the film its obvious that Brett has grown attached to Martine ( in a non sexual way) He is protective of her and sees her as a friend.

At one point he gives her advice and advice’s her to take it easy on Gordy. Hes young and naive and he is eager he tells her.

After getting pulled over by the cops for speeding Martine and Gordy find out that Brett has been harboring a secret. They find out that he was in jail for 6 years for man slaughter.

At this point it isnt good. Both Martine and Gordy have been helping a murder and without thinking the pair offer him a drive once he is released.

As they drive to New Orleans after being jailed. Brett explains . He was in love with a women ( maria bello ) there relationship was complicated and not always easy. They fought a lot. Then she found out she was pregnant and after a small doctors visit reveals more then he knew Brett is a little shocked. Shocked he heads to the bar where she hunts him down and confronts him. Creating a scene, yelling and screaming.

Outside the bar Brett pinned her against the wall. She screamed let go. A man passing by assumes that Brett was trying to hurt her or worse. So he intrudes. Telling Brett to back off and leave her alone. Brett slightly drunk punches him, he falls and dies. Unintentionally.

However after his death Brett was hauled off to jail. Not long after did he file for divorce. Devastated she stayed in New Orleans.

After much cheering and coaxing from both Martine and Gordy he finally decides to find his true love.
Their bittersweet reunion will bring tears to your eyes as you watch their face light up when they see each other the first time.
Meanwhile Martine starts to see the good in Gordy and realizes that its not to late to give him a shot.
Backed up with incredible acting his movie will move you. Kristen Stewarts dedication to the character , right down to the accent will impress you. This movie has a big heart and is definitively a must see of the year.
My Rating 7/ 10