ROBERT PATTINSON, ‘EDWARD CULLEN’: Before he became the irresistible vampire Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight,’ Robert Pattinson had a brief modeling stint and several minor film roles. In 2005, he hit the major leagues when he kicked off his career aboard a broomstick in J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ as the all-star wizard stud Cedric Diggory (above left).

At the UK premiere of the penultimate ‘Twilight’ installment, Pattinson looked every part the leading man in a dapper black suit.

KRISTEN STEWART, ‘BELLA SWAN’: Kristen Stewart plays ‘Twilight’s’ Bella, the human soul mate of vampire Edward Cullen. But before she was the object of his blood-lust, she starred in a few flicks of her own like ‘Panic Room’ (2002), ‘Speak’ (2004), ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure’ (2005) and ‘The Messengers’ (2007).

Stewart really stepped up her fashion game at the UK ‘Breaking Dawn’ premiere, taking the plunge in a sparkly black gown.

TAYLOR LAUTNER, ‘JACOB BLACK’: Watch out RPattz, there’s a sexy new beast in town: shape-shifting werewolf Jacob. But ‘Twilight’ was not the first time Lautner channeled his inner animal. He played the title role in 2005’s ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ (above left) and had a brief stint with the Mickey Mouse Club.

These days, the 19-year-old heartthrob is all grown up and look quite sophisticated at the latest film’s UK premiere.

ASHLEY GREENE, ‘ALICE CULLEN’: Before Ashley Greene nabbed the role of bubbly Alice Cullen, the adopted sister of Edward Cullen, the Florida native was a model. After the 5’5 stunner was told she was too short for runway, she took a stab at commercial modeling and enrolled in acting classes. She then fell in love with the craft and has appeared in shows such as ‘Punk’d’ and ‘Crossing Jordan’ before her big break in 2008.

The statuesque beauty has become a fashion icon on the red carpet, and looked positively radiant at the LA premiere of the franchise’s latest installment.

DAKOTA FANNING, ‘JANE’: After beginning her acting career at the age of 5, Fanning became the youngest person ever (at just 7 years old) to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in 2001’s ‘I Am Sam.’ She went on to star in movies like ‘War of the Worlds’ (2005), ‘Charlotte’s Web’ (2006), ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ (2008) and ‘Coraline’ (2009). Fanning now plays the menacing villain Jane in ‘Twilight.’

Fanning has also immersed herself in the fashion world, becoming the face of Marc Jacob’s Oh, Lola! campaign.

KELLAN LUTZ, ‘EMMET CULLEN’: Before playing Edward’s intimidating, burly brother in ‘Twilight,’ Kellan Lutz had small roles in television shows like ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ and ‘Heroes.’ He than made the transition to films, landing roles in ‘Stick it’ (above left) and ‘Prom Night.’ Before ‘Twilight,’ Lutz also acted in several music videos, including Hillary Duff’s ‘With Love’ and Hinder’s ‘Without You.’

Since skyrocketing to fame with ‘Twilight,’ Lutz signed with Ford Models and was featured in the 2010 Calvin Klein X underwear campaign

NIKKI REED, ‘ROSALIE HALE’ After becoming emancipated from her parents at the age of 14, Reed worked with director Catherine Hardwicke to write the script for the semi-autobiographical film ‘Thirteen.’ Reed agreed to play a role in the film when producers had trouble casting it. Before snagging a part in ‘Twilight,’ Reed was typecast as sexually promiscuous teens in movies like ‘Mini’s First Time’ and TV shows like ‘The O.C.

These days, the newlywed actress is reveling in marital bliss with ‘American Idol’ alum Paul McDonald

ANNA KENDRICK, ‘JESSICA STANLEY’: Although Kendrick had parts in films like ‘Camp’ (2003), ‘Rocket Science’ (2007), and ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), Kendrick made it big in 2009 when she was nominated for an Oscar for her role opposite George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air.’

Kendrick, who plays Bella’s first friend in Forks in the franchise, can next be seen in the 2012 flick, ‘Rapturepalooza.’

JACKSON RATHBONE, ‘JASPER CULLEN’: Before ‘Twilight,’ Rathbone was cast in ‘Disney 411,’ and played Nicholas Fiske in ABC Family’s short-lived series ‘Beautiful People.’ He performs in the band 100 Monkeys.

PETER FACINELLI, ‘DR. CARLISLE CULLEN’: Facinelli has been a strong force in Hollywood since the mid-90s. After making his film debut in Angela’ in 1995, he acted in several blockbusters, including 1998’s ‘Can’t Hardly Wait.’ He also appeared in ‘Scorpion King’ in 2002, followed by a leading role in the Fox drama ‘Fastlane.’

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD, ‘VICTORIA’: The daughter of director Ron Howard, Bryce is a vet in the acting biz. She starred in ‘The Village’ (2004) and ‘Lady in the Water’ (2006), and had a role in ‘Spider-Man 3’ (2007)

BILLY BURKE, ‘CHARLIE SWAN’: Before playing Bella’s dad, Burke could be seen in movies like ‘Untraceable’ (2008), ‘Final Jeopardy’ (2001) and ‘Jane Austen’s Mafia’ (1998, above left). He also has had stints on TV shows like ’24’ and ‘Gilmore Girls.

ELIZABETH REASER, ‘ESME CULLEN’: Before taking the role of Edward’s adoptive mother, Reaser had roles in films like 2006’s ‘Sweet Land’ (above left). She also had a recurring role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in 2007 for which she earned an Emmy nomination.

CHRISTIAN SERRATOS, ‘ANGELA WEBBER’: ‘Twilight’ is not the first time Serratos has been part of a tween sensation. Before playing Bella’s only human friend, Serratos had roles on ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,’ ‘Hannah Montana,’ ‘7th Heaven’ and ‘Zoey 101.’

Sarah Clarke ‘Mama Swan ‘ Sarah is mostly known to people from her role in the series 24. She starred in her first movie in 2000 in a short film. Before hitting the big screen in the Twilight Series Sarah starred in several movies like women in trouble, The Lather Effects and she also worked alongside Nikki in the movie Thirteen. Fans can see Sarah in the upcoming movie Level Seven.

Justin Chon ‘Eric‘ Justin jumped to fame for his role in the Disney film Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. Hes also starred in other small movies and TV Series and has even worked with Nikki On The OC. Fans can catch him next in his new comedy 21 and over.

Michael Welch ‘Mike‘ Michael is known mostly for his role as Mike in Twilight. But he had a long list of films long before Twilight. He has a large range of films and television roles. Hes starred in kids shows like Hey Arnold! and Filmore to Joan or Arcadia and NCIS. Hes also starred in a variety of small budget films. His recent role in the film Born Bad gave fans chills as Michael took on the role of a insidious murder. You can see Michael next in The Boys Of Abu Ghraib.

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