MC: It seems like you’re still not very happy with the fame that the Saga generated
KS: Happy? I don’t know. No. I’m not; it’s like saying it’s not bad, but I don’t like being the center of attention at all. When we do the red carpet the fans screaming make me nervous. Why do they do that? I can’t understand all this attention they put into us, that they can separate the movie from reality. I’m not Bella! The true is that I’m very, very shy and I would prefer not having to do this.

MC: Do you read what’s written on the tabloids about you?
KS: No. It’s the best way to drive yourself crazy. In the beggining, when the first movie came out, I used to read, to google myself, it tempted me. I endend up reading a bunch of stories about me that were not true and it was horrible. I mean, if half of what everyone say was right, I would be a terrible and evil person (laughs). So I decided to stop reading it because, no matter what, they will write what they want. I rather not stress myself.

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MC: Many fans are mad at you because you criticized the ”Twilight hysteria” that began on the internet
KS: Yeah, I know. In fact, I don’t understand why people waste their times on forums and on Facebook if they don’t even publish something significant or important. Live your lives! For me there are things more substancial than spending hours stuck on the computer talking about a movie and if Edward’s hair is better than Jacob’s, or if Bella’s hair, or my hair, is ugly or not. On my free time I like to read a book, listen to music – her favorite bands are Led Zappellin and U2 -, play the guitar or go to the theater, go watch a movie. And instead of chatting for hours, I go out with my friends in person and we have fun.

MC: Friends like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner? That’s why you’re a very envied girl
KS: Well, yeah (laughs). We spend so much time together when filming and on set that I believe it to be very normal that we go to parties all together, and that we have fun together. We’re young! We need to release the tension too!

MC: Is there tension when filming? It seems like you’re such a nice young cast.
KS: Yes, we are. There’s the ordinary stress when filming because making a movie is not easy, and the action scenes are very strong. This time Bill Condon, who’s excelent, directed us, guided us step by step throught all the sequences. There was no tension with him… From all the directors we’ve worked with on the Saga, Bill was by far the best.

MC: You’re a role model for many girls. What do you think about that?
KS: The truth is I’m not an expert. I have my own style. I’m classic and I wear vintage and I only stuff that I really like, I don’t like the stylists. I wanna be as authentic as possible and I don’t worry about what’s written on tags.

MC: I was referring to the fact that the young girls want to be like you. Time magazine named you, with Robert Pattinson, one of the 100 most influent people in the world.
KS: Ah, but they don’t want to be like me, they want to be like Bella. I believe I’m not an exemple for no one, because I’m not perfect and I don’t care. I saw the magazine thing, but I don’t understand it, I don’t feel influent. I don’t feel like I’ve changed a thing. The positive is that now I’m more solidified as an actress; I have better offers to play a character and I can choose, instead of having to audition.

MC: For someone who dropped school, you’ve been having lots of sucess. Do you believe you’re trasmiting a wrong message for teenagers that admire you, that they can leave school too?
KS: I don’t know if that’s a message or not. I left school because of my career. I had no time. Since I was 13 I had private teachers. I’ve always been rebel and needed freedom. I felt relieved when I could finally study at home. It was fun. I’m interested on many things, for example writing. But school was never the right place for me. I didn’t like, for real.

MC: What advice would you give to young people who want to act?
KS: If that’s what you really want, try it. You can’t disappoint yourself if doesn’t work. You should always have a plan B. For example, if I wasn’t an actress, I would be a screenwriter.

MC: How do you feel now that the Saga is coming to an end? Will you miss being Bella Swan?
KS: No. This is over. Goodbye, Bella; goodbye, Edward. Actors have this problem when they play a character for a long time. They are like feelings found: on one side, it’s a great compliment that the fans of Twilight always see Bella on me; on the other hand, I feel like doing things that have nothing to do with this and that break the image. That’s why I did The Runaways and the Snow White movie and On The Road, because they are completely different, know what I mean? I don’t wanna be Bella Swan all my life, because that would be horrible.

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