Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon reveals how he kept Kristen’s dress a mystery until Robert Pattinson saw her walk down the aisle.

Move over Kate and Wills. For Twilight fans, there was only ever going to be one wedding of the year: the marriage of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.
Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon has revealed the incredible lengths he went to to keep the wedding dress Kristen Stewart wears under wraps.
Just like Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen gown, Bill wanted to ensure no-one saw the dress until the moment the actress walked down the aisle.
Speaking on Friday November 18, the day Breaking Dawn went on general release, the director explained: “It’s Friday night now but up until today, nobody had seen that wedding dress and I can’t tell you how hard that is to keep a secret like that in the world we live in.
“It was kind of weird cause when Kristen first walked down the aisle, suddenly we heard this stuff and there was a helicopter high up, but it was paparazzi so we had this thing where we covered everything, we stopped it, I don’t know how we convinced them to move on.
“No one on set, on the location saw her till she took that walk down that aisle.
We had her in this room that was covered. It was this super secret thing.”

STV’s showbiz guru Grant Lauchlan questioned whether Bill was nervous at taking on the role of directing such a huge film, with one of the biggest, and most dedicated, fanbases in movie history.
Bill said: “Early on I was in touch with the fanbase and that was incredibly helpful to me cause they’re so much a presence online.
“This is the most interactive movie fanbase relationship I think I’ve seen.
“One of the first messages I got was don’t water this book down. The book is crazy and it goes to incredibly wild places and I think people were worried it would turn into a bland version of that and I hope they don’t feel that when they see it.”

Bill’s interview features as part of STV’s Moviejuice: Breaking Dawn Special. Missed it? You can watch it now on the STV Player.
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