I just got home from breaking dawn part 1. I cannot explain how unbelievably excited I was to see this movie. After months of writing articles after articles, seeing clips and seeing small tidbits of things I was finally glad I got to see it for the first time. I saw it with a good friend of mine and its a good thing too. During certain scenes I may of let a few tears slip.

I have to start with the hair. My first complaint of the last movie was the bad wigs. I so hated the wigs. Jasper’s wig was not at all attractive. This time Jackson went with his hair which looked better because it looked real and didn’t look like someone killed a mop or two to make it . Ashley pulled off the new Alice Pixie look beautifully. I loved the short cut hair it looked quite cute on her and complemented her nicely. Even Bella’s wig was a vast improvement in this one. It suddenly seems that Bill Condon completely improved this one. Rosalie’s hair looked pretty good. At this point I’ve gotten use to the wigs and it is often hard to tell which is from the last one and which is new.

The film starts with Jacob running into the forest after he receives his wedding invitation. In anger he throws it into the mud and runs off into the forest in anger. I had scene this scene I think a hundred times. There was nothing new to me about this scene. In fact of all the scenes in the entire movie I think this movie was seen the most. I am pretty sure it was in every trailer and TV spot in the last few months and after seeing this scene again , there was nothing new to me here. My only comment for this scene was that Taylor looked amazing and did a great job running into the forest shirtless.

The next scene was a cute scene. The Cullen’s getting ready for the wedding scene as Alice bossily told everyone do this and put this here. It was a cute scene as we saw the Cullen’s come together. While Alice taught Bella to walk in heels. I loved Bella’s white heels with a diamond detail.

After Alice orders Bella to leave and go sleep for the night. It shows her in her room. Packing her last boxes before she becomes Mrs. Cullen. Edward appears. He tells Bella of his past. How he wanted to know what it was like to be a killer. The scene was well shot. The old 50’s clothes looked good and all details seemed to be there.

After Bella falls asleep she has a dream. She is walking down the aisle and her family and friends are there dressed in white. Everyone looked beautiful. Kristen did such a great job of acting in this scene. It was only a dream sequence but the fear on Bella’s face when she turns around and sees her friends and family was good and extremely shocking and got a good reaction of gasps of shock from the audience. She looks at Edward who is covered in blood. The lifeless bodies were not the real actors ( as far as I know) but they looked completely real.

The scene quickly transitioned into Alice helping Bella get ready for the wedding. The scene was so sweet. I couldn’t help but smile as Bella, Alice and Rosalie were huddled around a table getting Bella ready. Enter Bella’s parents. Bringing more emotion to the scene were the lovely Sarah Clarke and Billy Burke. Billy’s one liner however quickly steals the scene and does a great job of making the moment less serious. Both actors were really good as Bella’s parents. They brought the perfect amount of emotion to the scene making it a beautiful unforgettable moment for fans. I personally teared up in this moment.

After the getting ready comes the big moment. The most anticipated moment in the series. No pressure. The scene is so beautiful. The cast look beautiful dressed in light dresses and tuxes. floral arrangements hang from the ceiling and it couldn’t be more beautiful. But wait what is this?! It’s Stephanie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey. I guess its right to have the pair that started it all in the beginning of the end of everything.

The camera pans back to the aisle where Bella stands clutching onto Charlie. Kristen looked so elegant and beautiful in a long sleeved white mermaid style silk dress with see through back with floral detail and white buttons down the back. Kristen looked so stunning it brought tears to fans eyes as they watched Bella march (okay not really ) towards Edward.

The wedding was short but beautiful. The camera turns around the pair as they exchange their vows. The kiss was long but beautiful and was the perfect.

Following the wedding was the reception. A gathering of their friends and family. The vampires and the werewolves are forced to get along for a few hours. But Irina Edward’s cousin causes a scene after she reveals that she was close to Laurent who was killed by Seth, after threatening Bella. Maybe foreshadowing???

The scene were Jake and Bella dance at the wedding was so beautiful. Kristen brought a lot of emotion to the scene and when I saw the look on Jake’s face and the sincere look of sadness in his eyes I got all teary eyed.

The honeymoon was beautiful. Filled with lots of steam sex scenes and tastefully done Bill managed to shoot it and not make it look cheesy over down or pornoish in any way. I was impressed by the way it was shot and the part where they are naked in the water looking at the moon was so beautiful.

The biggest scene of the entire movie was the birth scene. Well shot , not over dramatic and well shot the scene complemented the book well. Kristen is a really good job during Bella’s entire pregnancy. The details like the bruises and her small face and scrawny body were incredibly detailed. It looked very realistic.

Taylor brought a lot of emotion to the imprinting scene. As for Renesmee the director did a good job of making the baby and casting older Renesmee. Both the baby and Renesmee do look similary like both Rob and Kstew.


The entire film was well shot. Certain scenes that I anticipated to be cheesy or undershot or not long enough were perfect. The scenes were beautiful. The wedding scenes was beautiful and Kristen looked so beautiful and perfect in her dress. The honeymoon was well shot and was not over done. The pregnancy and birth was well shot. The details of her bruises , red eyes etc. Impressed me since the last few movies I have always found flaws.

Bill managed to improve the series greatly from the last few. The wigs are a lot better. This time I ddidn’t notice any weird little flaws in their makeup or any small little things that bugged me. This movie was pretty good and I was impressed overall with the quality of it. Fans who have read the series and who have loved the books with not at all be disappointed.

Rating 9/10

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