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Are you still working on your music?
0:32 Are you working on something new? ”trying to produce a couple of things”
0:50 Are they independent films? ”Sort of, some of them. Nothing’s concrete”
0:59 How different was it to prepare to be Edward Cullen this time?
1:51 What kind of say did you have in Edward’s backstory?
2:37 What was filming your last scene like?
3:24 Did you keep anything from the set?
3:34 Is Bella right to marry someone totally different?
4:10 How was filming the honeymoon scenes?
5:01 Have you learnt to deal with the Twilight mania?
6:30 What’s next for you?
6:54 Are you relieved its over?
7:30 Any theater roles in the future? ”interesting… its not my absolute priority”
9:10 Are you yourself when you are out there?
9:48 Any scary and funny stories from the set? In Brazil, ”300 people stuck in one house, with hurricane going outside with no food and no water”, Taylor imprinting.
10:35 Now, where do you want to live in the US or UK
11:01 Tell us something about your costars Kristen playing the trumpet ”She’s a natural”, Taylor working out.
11:55 How was doing topless scenes
12:31 What kind of character would you like to play next? Someone with lots of energy.

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