Source Leondonet

At the Premiere in London according to a group of fans who were at the Breaking Dawn Premiere Event several fans Kristen was receiving death threats. A women was tweeting death threats threatening Kristen. From there she proceeded to go to the fan event where she proceeded to scream heinous death threats at Kristen while she moved down the line signing autographs for fans. The women posted a picture on twitter of herself at the event. Fans then made security aware of her and she was removed. From what I know Kristen was upset by the threats and had to leave, Rob and Taylor followed her to the side where they took a moment to talk to her. It looks in the video that they are comforting her and telling her not to listen to people who make threats against her.

It saddens me that people do things like this. It makes the cast want to participate less and less. They are people like us. They are only trying to do their job. What saddens me the most was that Kristen looked like she was quite enjoying herself before the fun got ruined. After being attacked Kristen walked back out and greeted fans smiling warmly.

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