Accidentally In Love does not star Peter, Although he is not in this movie he did write the script for it and his wife Jennie Garth stars in the movie.

The film is a cute hallmark channel movie. Jennie Garth stars as a mom of a 8 year old girl. When Anna( played by Jennie) gets hit by a actor he rudely gives her his license and speeds away. He soon gets caught by police and sent to jail and needs the help of Annie to free him.

After a few other interesting encounters with Annie the rude , ignorant, self-involved starts to fall for her and after spending time with Annie and her 8 year old daughter who needs help because she has blurry vision he starts to change as a person.

Annie and her daughter start to affect him in ways he never would of expected.

The movie was so cute! Its a great little family movie. I quite enjoyed it. It is also a great romance.

6 /10