peter facinelli,martha stewart

Martha said that she saw Taylor when she was doing the Jay Leno Show, and she was surprised he was so small. Here’s the exchange that followed.

Peter: Well you didn’t see him without his shirt on.
Martha: Oh yes I did. He’s walking around all the time without his shirt on.
Peter: I try to go the other way because there was a scene I did with Taylor where I answer the front door and I tried to convince the director that I should answer the door with no pants on. Taylor has the market cornered with no shirt, so maybe I could be the pants-less guy. But he didn’t go for it.
Martha: Well what are you doing for Thanksgiving?
Peter: I’m wearing pants, Martha.

Afterward, Peter discussed his fear of touching chicken eggs (?) and his favorite pizza topping—a can of corn. Yum! Good looking and he’s domestic, too. It doesn’t get better than that.

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