The movie Restless was written by Eclispe Alumni Bryce Dallas Howard.

The movie Restless centers around a terminally Ill teenage girl played by the extremely talented Mia Wasikowska. Mia plays Annabel who falls in love with a teenage boy played by Henry Hopper. The Boy’s name is Enoch Brae. Enoch has a fascination with death and enjoys attending other peoples funerals. When he attends one funeral in particular he meets Annabel. The pair meet and fall in love.
So begins there story.
The films centers around her and him. She’s dealing with dying and he is still dealing with his parents death. A deeply, emotional movie , that will leave you in tears. It is a unbelievable work of art and a incredibly moving movie that you wont forget. Mia Waskowska gives a impressive and breathtaking performance as a young teenage girl, terminally ill and dealing with dying and Henry Hopper a actor who I have never heard of definitively gives as deep of a performance as the young boy in love with a girl.
The great performances added with a great script makes this movie a must watch.
Bryce Dallas Howard Did a great job producing this movie. It is defiantly a must watch.