From source: MTV
In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Jackson Rathbone – Twilight actor and member of funk-rock band 100 Monkeys – has revealed that he and co-star Robert Pattinson kept the creative juices flowing between takes by making sweet music together.

Jackson, who plays Jasper Hale in the vampire flicks, told us: “I love making music, and definitely don’t feel like I’d have to give up acting to focus more on it, or vice versa. It’s all art, and I love art!”

With rumours flying around about Pattinson getting set to record an album, Jackson was full of compliments for his co-star’s musical talents, even teasing: “Hey, maybe we could even perform on-stage together one day…”

Rocking an “eclectic sound” and unique performance style, although Jackson’s Twilight fame has undoubtedly helped propel the popularity of his LA five-piece, he insists that the 100 Monkeys fan-base is actually pretty far removed from the Team Edward and Team Jacob Twihards who made the movie’s promotional tour “a little insane.”

Despite this, Rathbone admitted that he and his band also receive their fair share of fanatical behaviour, stating: “A few of them have gotten tattoos where we’ve signed our names on their bodies. That’s pretty crazy!”

And it’s not just the fans who like to take things to extreme lengths: The multi-talented actor, singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboard, mandolin, trumpet and harmonica player isn’t content with stopping there, revealing he is also a keen movie director.

The 26-year old explained: “I always take inspiration from the guys I work with, and I’ve learned a lot from Bill (Condon, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director) that I can take to my coming projects. It’s exciting to see where I go next…”