Jackson Rathbone

Happy Thanksgiving!
Amadou H. Ly

Had a great interview with . Check it out
Christian Camargo

Ate two plates full in Chinatown then 15 mile bike around nyc now Hitchcock and pumpkin pie. Bizarrely amazing thanksgiving combo pack.
Booboo and Fivel

. Come down and spend the day with us after the show for the meet and greet. Gunna have some cool stuff
Booboo and Fivel

Baber makes Twilight connections at movie premiere via
Chaske Spencer

Thankful for family, friends and fans. Thank YOU!
Kirsten Prout

The Gifts of Imperfection – a great, eye opening, inspiring read 🙂
Kirsten Prout

Off to Thanksgiving dinner… Wearing a flowy dress – pants would just result in an undone button methinks
Gil Birmingham

Happy gobble gobble day! Very thankful for all our fans!
Kiowa Gordon

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am thankful for all of you.
Jackson Rathbone

: Happy Thanksgiving. Run turkeys, run.” They ran onto my property. Fair game.
Olga Fonda

Happy thanksgiving to you all!!!! I can’t wait for dinner!!!!! 🙂
Alex Meraz

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! I’m in Canada & they don’t celebrate… but either way I still have a lot to be thankful for!
Mia Maestro

Thanks-giving from Kauai. Happy turkey thanking gatherings to everyone *
Peter Facinelli

Hey … Look what I made with the kids. Toilet paper roll totally works for the body by the way. Lol.
Jodelle Ferland

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American fans! In Canada our Thanksgiving is in October 😛
Cameron Bright

Happy Thanksgiving to all the ppl down south in the U S of A
Erik Odom

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m currently in a food coma…
Kellan Lutz

Greetings from Down Under, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Big Bro so Thankful for you.
Kirsten Prout

Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely Americans!
Bronson Pelletier

Happy thanksgiving everyone.
Bronson Pelletier

Time for me and my girl to start cooking our first American thanksgiving turkey. Wish us luck.
Peter Facinelli

Happy Thanksgiving. Run turkeys, run.
Nikki Reed

Happy turkey day everybody!! Eat, eat, eat, then rest…and eat!!! I’m on chocolate eclairs and Brussels sprouts. Not together of course 🙂
Patrick Brennan

Happy turkey day y’all!!!!!
Marlane Barnes

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Christian Serratos

Happy thanks giving everyone! W
Jamie Campbell Bower

Just saw that Milk ad with Kelly Rowland on the side of a bus. She looks like a bit of an eejit. X
Jamie Campbell Bower

Today I sang on a record. Its not mine. It belongs to a friend. We had fun. X
Andrea Gabriel

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely ones. 🙂
MyAnna Buring

Have couple of hours to kill- and just been asked if I would mind being a guinea pig for the local spa?!!!? For this I am truly THANKFUL!