Nikki Reed – who plays vampy Rosalie Cullen – looked fabulous on the red carpet with her natural make-up. So if you’re over the smokey-eyed look which was all the rage earlier this year and have worn out your red lippie, try this light, luminous option instead.

Here’s how to achieve Nikki’s clean, elegant look with a focus on radiant skin:

Step 1:
Prep your skin with a primer which has shimmer in it to give your skin a subtle glow. If you have to wear foundation, choose a light traceless one so your skin doesn’t look too make-up heavy.

Step 2:
For that natural ‘flushed’ look choose a warm rose blush and stroke it lightly over your cheeks.

Step 3:
Use a darker bronze highlighter on your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose to create a pretty glow.

Step 4:
Remember that the key to this gorgeous look is simplicity. For your peepers choose a light lavender eye shadow for your lid and under the lower lashes. This is a hue which compliments almost any eye colour.

Step 5:
Add a bit of bronze shadow on top of your lavender eye shadow for some sparkle.

Step 6:
Once you have applied your eye shadow, curl your eyelashes – top and bottom – and finish off with at least 3 coats of volumising mascara to make your eyes pop!

Step 7:
Finish off the look with a nude lip gloss for a beautiful shine.

Source Women24