As The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn sweeps UK cinema audiences up in Twilight fever, education charity FILMCLUB has been asking famous fans and the some of the film’s cast members for their take on why they think the films have become a smash-hit phenomenon with a dedicated army of fans.
Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon told the charity that he thought that the “fantasy and wish fulfilment side of it” was one of the main reasons for the film’s popularity, whereas producer Wyck Godfrey believed the love story was the core attraction saying;
“I think that its because Edward is so perfect, Jacob is so perfect and people look to these books and hopefully the movies to experience deep romance.”
Lead actor Robert Pattinson, who plays vampire Edward Cullen, even admitted he was a little baffled by the phenomenon around the films, saying;
“I know people are kind of obsessed with it but I don’t know what the end result of their obsession is!”
Charlie Bewley (Demetri) added; “I think a lot of people emphasize with the movie and the book franchise because it’s like that forbidden love and its fueled by the passions, emotions, hormones and desires of all these youngsters and I think that’s probably what’s made it so big.”
Weighing in on the argument,Strictly Come Dancing star Holly Valance said: “I wish I had had something like this in my childhood where it was a book that I loved to death and it got made on to the big screen.
”I didn’t have anything like that so I’m quite jealous of the younger generation under me now that get to enjoy such imagination and great story telling and get into such epic adventure.”
And pop star Pixie Lott believed the smash-hit vampire saga appealed; “Because teens especially love it, because I think it covers all areas – romance, action, fantasy, every involved!”
Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) added; “You know, our fans go to great lengths to show their dedication to this franchise and that’s absolutely amazing to see.”
Source MTVUK