Breaking Dawn Part 1 may have just come out, but people are already talking about part 2.Mackenzie Foy recently was asked about her co-stars in part 2 and she told Twist what she thought of them. Of course, she plays it nice about them which comes as no surprise. Here is what she has to say, though.

They’re really nice people, and they’re really nice to be around…Kristen is an amazing, sweet, wonderful actress!

I don’t actually see him (Robert as cute. He’s really nice and all, but he’s more of a friend or a brother or a dad to me.

He’s nice. He’s funny. He just loves to be with people. My favorite scene to shoot was one of the very last scenes with Taylor. It’s one where I’m on him and it’s just really cool!

Not bad for a child star. However, I am not sure why she is clearly playing favorites. Then again, we have to wait until next year to find that out. I am sure we will be hearing more and seeing more of Mackenzie as time goes by. In the mean time, we can try to guess why Rob is clearly not one of her favorites. I suppose she could have fallen for Taylor instead, which seems to be the most common reason for people to not like him.

How do you feel about her comments? I think they were nice for the most part. I am not personally sure on why she is talking about who she loved working with. It seems a bit early for that and also unfair. But I doubt this will be the last of it until Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres next November. This is just the beginning of the finale road to say goodbye to one of our favorite movies ever.

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