4. There are more than a few parallels between Freud in ”A Dangerous Method” and Mortensen’s next role, Old Bull Lee, the fictionalized version of William Burroughs, in Walter Salles’ ”On the Road.”
When Mortensen was offered the role in Salles’ long-awaited beat generation adaptation, it, like that of Freud, initially gave him pause. ”If someone else had offered me Freud I might not have taken the plunge, but David, I trusted him, Walter I didn’t know Walter, so I thought really?” But actually, a kinship between the two characters enabled him to find his way into the part. ”Both Freud and Burroughs were mentors in a sense. [People] went to visit Burroughs and he would share his books with them and they loved to pick his brain when he was down in Louisiana. They all came down to have a good time but also because they knew they could ask lots of questions and sort of glean a few pearls of wisdom from this crazy old guy. He seemed like an old guy to them, he wasn’t that old at the time, he was 10, 15 years older. Just like Freud was older than Jung.”

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