From StephanieKarim on Twifans
This was my first Twilight premiere i had ever been too and i had been waiting 3 years for this event so that i could meet the cast of twilight.
3 years later i’m studying in UK and i was determined to go to the premiere even though i had to miss 2 days of my uni and i had lectures on both days! Life of an engineer 😛
The trio spoke on the little podium thing and then started to sign autographs i was more interested in rob and kristen but it happened that taylor was signing our side first but i was busy taking pictures of kristen who was signing the other side but when taylor was like in front of me i asked for a pic and autograph which he kindly did and he like gave my camera his GQ pose. By then ROB started to sign autographs and i started to go CRAZYY!! HE LOOKS SOOO MUCH HOTTER IN REAL LIFE! and THAT JAW OF HIS!! DAMNN!! AND THE HAIR! i was soo tempted to just touch it 😛 He used my Sharpie to sign my book but he was soo out of it that he signed my book twice 😛 soo cute and he even apologized and i was like ”Nahh.. its ok i don’t mind :P” I asked for a picture too but he couldn’t for some reason cause like 6 girls down he started taking pictures with them.. i mean SOO not my luck 😛 and he looks soooooo HOT in a suit11
After a while Kristen started to sign our side of the red carpet and this is when i started to get nervous and stuff!! and i realized to cause john was standing like kind of opposite me with some other guy and he was holding kristen’s Black nike backpack and i pointed it out and john started to laugh and the guy carrying it had the ”WTF” face but john was smiling at me. (BTW I LOVE THAT GUY) Kristen was starting to get closer and closer to me and i started to get more nervous and hyper too. She finally was in front of me and i went speechless but then got my act together she signed my book with my sharpie 😛 and i talked to her i told her how i’ve been playing the trumpet now for 7 years and she said that she started playing it and that she’s having loads of fun playing the instrument and i told her yeah i know what you mean. I also told her how i’ve been waiting for 3 years to come to this event and she told me ”AWW thanks soo much for coming and supporting us” and she even like touched my hand and i told her that she looked very pretty too 🙂 which she did!! SHE’S SOO gorgeous and petit too! and she has a nice cleavage 😛 I asked for a picture but it turned out that she wasn’t taking pictures at all that night. Just my luck.. BUT HER DRESS WAS STUNNINGG!!

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