Robert Pattinson called Kristen Stewart an ‘incredible bride’ during a recent interview. He undoubtedly means she ‘played’ an incredible bride in her role as Bella Swan inBreaking Dawn Part 1–right? Is there something else the handsome Twilight hunk would like to share?

According to Hollywood Life, the wedding in the film did in fact get Rob thinking about what he might want when he does in fact tie the knot, but it doesn’t sound like there are any plans to do so right away. He did talk about the Twilight wedding, and how exciting that was for everyone involved. He even admitted that he (as Edward Cullen) was a very lucky man for marrying Kristen Stewart (as Bella Swan).

So what exactly has Rob thought about since being inspired by the movie in the film?

”When guys do weddings, you always think you don’t want it to be all formal,” Robert Pattinson says.

And he’s right. Most guys would wear jeans and t-shirts and have the wedding and reception both held in the backyard. They would forgo the fancy caterer for a barbecue and cheap paper plates would probably work just fine, too.

”All of my ideas about weddings go against what [women] want!” Robert Pattinson adds.

Does Kristen Stewart know what those wedding ideas of Robert Pattinson’s might be? She recently said she had thought about her own future wedding since the Breaking Dawn wedding, but hers sounded a bit more on the romantic side. What do you think, Rob? Is there a compromise in there somewhere?

Twilight fans would no doubt love to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get married just like their Breaking Dawn characters. Do you see that happening in the future–or do you think these two are simply a couple for the duration of the Twilight popularity?

Rob did say Kristen made an incredible bride–right?

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