Robert Pattinson doesn’t have any kind words for those who have copied the movie franchisethat has made him a household name. He doesn’t specifically mention True Blood or theVampire Diaries, but he is dissing Twilight Saga copycats. Hey Rob, we feel your pain with the copycat business, dude. Just be happy that you’re inspiring people.

He said, “It’s like that Coke versus Pepsi thing, and how Coke just said, ‘There’s a reason everyone compares themselves to us.’ Twilight was the original and everybody’s trying to copy it. They’re all just trying to jump aboard the Twilight train.”

I beg to differ! If anything, all of the vampire flicks are copying Interview With The Vampire. Duh. They’re not copying Twilight, that’s some PG-13 BS right there. True Blood isn’t PG-13 whatsoever — AND the guys are hotter. So we’re not seeing what Rob is seeing. Are you?

What do you think of the comparison? Heck, we think it’s even dumber because they waited so long for Edward to turn Bella into a vampire!! At least in True Blood, Sookie shared her blood with Bill in the first episode.

Source earsucker