Robert Pattinson is back in the limelight after the newest Twilight film just premiered last week. It is no secret that Breaking Dawn has been a huge success over the past week, as Twi-hard fans have been flocking to the nearest movie theatre to see the next chapter of the famousTwilight Saga. And of course, it is no secret that the three major stars, Robert, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart has earned a nice paycheck from making the movie.

So Robert has a message to all of his fans; he would like to say ‘thanks’ for being such a big support to his career. He is grateful that the fans are willing to go to the theatres and see his movies, including all of the Twilight films. Unlike arrogant actors, Robert Pattinson knows that the fans are the reason why the films are so popular.

”This is such a grassroots series,” Robert explains according to a new report by Hollywood Life. ”It didn’t have that much push at beginning and now because of the people who love the books and word of mouth, it rivals Harry Potter.” But of course, Robert Pattinson can say that because he had a role in the fourth Harry Potter film.

So if you are a Robert Pattinson fan, this is your chance to say ‘you’re welcome.’

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