Mortal Instruments fans are all excited for the day when ‘City of Bones’ will hit the theatres. That day will come but we still need to be patient. As Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare has appraised people on Twitter, screenwriter I. Marlene King has turned in her rewrite of the ‘City of Bones’ script to the studio for review.

I spoke to Clare last week for an interview leading up to the release of ‘Clockwork Prince.’ She is very happy with the script. “I really like it. The screenplay is the backbone of a movie and this version is much closer to the book,” says Clare. However, fans should not hope for the once thought January filming start. There is a long line of people that must sign-off on the script before filming can start. This does not mean a big delay but most likely a small one.

At the end of the day, fans should be happy waiting a little longer if it means getting a better movie. Remember if ‘City of Bones’ is not a success at the box office then there will not be a Mortal Instruments franchise. I personally think that a realistic goal for Mortal Instruments fans would be to see the first ‘City of Bones’ full length trailer in theaters with ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.’ I think that would be perfect since Jamie Campbell Bower would be playing a bigger role in that film and that would give Screen Gems plently of time to work on properly casting and filming ‘City of Bones.’

In other movie news, many fans forget that The Infernal Devices was optioned for movie rights by Unique Features the same time as The Mortal Instruments. With the second installment of this amazing series getting ready to come out on December 6 we will soon be reintroduced to Tessa, Jem and Will but will we ever see them on the big screen? We very well may! “They are working on a script,” says Clare. The script is always the first step in the movie process. Right now the studio is probably looking for someone to write the script. I’d love to see what I. Marlene King could do with ‘Clockwork Angel’ but they will probably go with someone with historical experience.

So be patient. This is good news and further shows the dedication and care that the studio has for this project. Remember if it isn’t done right then there will not be a franchise. What do you think of the idea of an Infernal Devices franchise? Would you like to see them filmed in publication order so we would see the fun tie-ins like we get in the books? That’s what I would love but often times it’s the little things that get lost in translation from book to screen adaptation.

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