Holy retro chic, is that Ashley Greene that just stepped out of the Pan Am time machine?

Sure is. So now it’s up to you to tell us what you think of her socialite swag, ‘cause while we’ve seen Ash don her Twilight pixie cut, we can’t say we’ve ever seen this blast-from-the-past look on her before.

A.G. is done (for now) with most of the Breaking Dawn hooplah and—as we’re sure you’ve heard—has scored herself a nice little three-episode stint on ABC’s Pan Am.

And now we get an on-set first look at what to expect when Ashley hits the boob tube.

She seems to be channeling her inner Jackie O. with her little gloves and her glossy pearls, not to mention that très elegant (and might we add, very tall) up ‘do. We’re totally getting a hoity-toity socialite vibe, which should come as no surprise since she’s set to play (duh) a socialite

Wonder if she’ll get to let her inner be-yotch out. We bet yes.

So tell us what you think of this look on Ashley? Do you approve, or would you rather she stick to the bloodsucking look of the vamp flicks?

Source E!