Previously starring in 24, Sarah Clarke is part of the Twilight saga as Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) mother, but of course you all knew that. In my phone conversation with Sarah, who is currently in Toronto with her husband Xander Berkeley who shoots Nikita, we talked about her lack of social media presence. ”I barely email. I’m like the Amish in Hollywood. I just got an iPad and I am very proud of that but I have so many typos. I only use it to read scripts. I just got a Blackberry and someone just told me about BBM the other day.”

In Breaking Dawn, which hits theatres on November 18, the big wedding scene takes place. ”The wedding is so beautiful. Fans will not be disappointed.” One fan tweeted asking what she was thinking as Bella was walking down the aisle, ”I was sitting and freezing in the audience waiting for her to walk down the aisle,” she says with a laugh.

As for her co-star Kristen Stewart, ”I think she’s fabulous. She’s a great talent,” but her most unforgettable moment with Stewart happened while filming Eclipse. ”Eclipse was special. I loved working with Bill Condon, the director, on Breaking Dawn but in Eclipse, Kristen was the only one that knew I was pregnant. I was still early and wasn’t telling anyone yet. She was the only one who knew so that was special.”

Clarke also broke news that she will appear – alongside her hubby – in a guest-star role in CW’s Nikita that will shoot ”within the next few weeks. We have the LA premiere, and Toronto and Nikita filming all around the same time. It’s a very fun, juicy role.”

In her off time, ”I have two little girls and so I spend time with them and my hubby.”

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