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Nikki and Kristen used to be best friends, but Kristen reportedly has never been able to get over Nikki’s alleged fling with Rob.

When Nikki Reed said the Twilight cast weren’t having slumber parties, she was right! A shocking new report in Star claims Nikki and Kristen Stewart , who were once besties, are now feuding enemies.
“Kristen has never forgiven Nikki for the fling she had with Rob,” a source says. “Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him. We told you that during a special Breaking Dawn episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, we noticed major tension between these Hollywood starlets.
“Nikki is very vocal about Kristen not being supportive of her success,” the source says. “Nikki is not one to censor herself to avoid confrontation and Kristen doesn’t like that.”
Can you believe Rob is having to play mediator?
“Miraculously, he’s been able to maintain a friendship with Nikki. But it won’t last, not if Kristen has anything to say about it,” the insider adds.
I will be the first to admit this article smells like rotten fish. I am always the first person to say hear it from the source. But I will also admit that I have seen tension from Kristen and Nikki. When the cast went on Ellen we noticed tension between Nikki and Kristen.
When doing a interview in 2008 Nikki said this of her and her friendship with Kristen:
Nikki Reed: ”Yes. And I have to say one thing. If it weren’t for Kristen Stewart, this would have been a lot more overwhelming. But Kristen and I are best friends and so to have her along, not along… I mean I’m supporting her in this. I don’t know mean have her along, you know what I mean? To be a part of it together…”

In Sixteen Magazine earlier this month Nikki said
“In the beginning, it was innocent and fun, we were like one big happy family,” Nikki said. “Then success comes along and changes the dynamic. We’re not all best friends , and we’re not all going to hang out together after the final movie is done.”
She also said she was misquoted.
Fans have noticed that the pairs friendships have changed over the years. They use to be best friends and now rarely acknowledge each other. But Fans also have to realize that things have also changed. Kristen has reached a VERY high celebrity status and Nikki has gotten married. Things have changed since 2008.
As for the whole Rob and Nikki thing. There is no evidence as far as I am concerned that suggests that the pair were ever together or anything had ever happened between them.
Although it saddens fans to see the cast go through all of this and know that there is not white light at the end of the tunnel ( so to speak) we congratulate Nikki on her wedding and wish her all the best in her marriage and we wish Kristen good luck where ever they go, the both of them in their careers and personal lives.
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