Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Plot “Secret Wedding in England!”
It’s a miracle!
PhotobucketJust one week after In Touch magazine claimed Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were “experiencing some serious growing pains” and found their relationship on the ropes, the tabloid says the couple has decided to marry secretly!
“The over-the-moon duo – whose characters married on screen in Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – have decided to tie the knot for real,” reports In Touch.
The magazine quotes a “castmate” as saying the low-key couple “will probably opt for Britain’s secluded Isle of Wight” for the nuptials.
According to the In Touch source, Stewart is hoping for a “more intimate” ceremony than the “wedding of the century” staged by Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the movie.
Pattinson will formally propose to Stewart “most likely by the end of the year,” claims the tabloid, which doesn’t mention when the wedding will take place – only that it “now seems inevitable.”
Lacking any new details or reporting, In Touch pads its article with lots of filler about Pattinson and Stewart’s supposed ups and downs over the years, concluding that “Kristen’s ready to settle down with the man who has always been there for her.”
What’s more, says the tabloid, Stewart has “even vowed to take a year off and try for a baby with Rob, a shocking sacrifice for the work-focused actress.”
Maybe if In Touch focused on reporting as much as Stewart focuses on acting, we’d be spared these overheated rumors that swing from “marriage!” to “breakup!” and back again.
Gossip Cop reached out to sources close to both stars, and we’re told there are absolutely no wedding plans in the works.

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