”A Warrior’s Heart” starring ”Twilight” co-stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene hits theaters Friday (in limited release), and in a new featurette, the two sometimes-vampires give a little insight into their characters. Plus, Ashley reveals what it’s like to make out with her real-life bud on-screen.

Kellan stars in the flick as popular guy Conor Sullivan, the school’s most valued lacrosse player, who is struggling with the death of his Marine father. ”This film has everything. It’s a great coming-of-age story,” he said, adding that it’s action-packed and that he often does his own stunts. We don’t think you’ll be needing a stunt-double for those shirtless locker room scenes, Kellan. We think you got that one covered.

Ashley co-stars as Brooklyn, a cheerleader who inevitably falls for Conor. ”It’s this battle, and Brooklyn helps Conor through his problems,” Ashley explained. “She’s a strong character.” So what’s it like to lock lips with your former on-screen bro? Apparently not so weird! “All the romance stuff, it’s easy. It’s great,” Ashley said. “It’s so nice to already come in and know someone and be comfortable enough to do stuff like that.” Getting paid to make out with Kellan? We wouldn’t complain either.

Watch the featurette on youtube to get an inside look at ”A Warrior’s Heart” and also find out which scene made Ashley want to cry real tears!

Source MTV