P: You play Yvette, a character from a French coven that is not in the book, but was created for the movie. We also know that Amadou Ly plays Henri from the same clan. Can you tell us anything about the clan or these characters?
JF: That’s right! The “French Coven” is not in the books. Melissa Rosenberg and Stephanie Meyer collaborated, creating new vampires for the final film. I am so thankful, and so grateful to have the opportunity to play one of their new characters . The writers have given us a tremendous gift.

Hmm, what can I tell you? This is always a tricky question. Well, Henri and Yvette are loners, but we stick together- until forty vampires convene from around the world . I counted and that’s quite a few vampires! Having been around for centuries, we all have history with one another. And when we come together- no matter what side we’re on – you can expect some definite excitement!

PP: Did you have any scenes with Robert Pattinson? What was he like on set?
JF: Amadou and I do have scenes with Robert Pattinson. He’s a very dedicated, gifted, and talented actor. It was a pleasure working with him, and with the entire cast. We all had a wonderful time working together on set.

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